How can we keep our furniture safe for long term use?

For cleaning furniture we have to use warm water and mild dish soap. Cleaning furniture with water won’t hurt it be careful don’t soak it. You can use old toothbrush soft cotton clothes or paper towels for cleaning furniture. After cleaning you can use a good quality wax for your furniture. Use it as directions for applicable on wax for best results for a beautiful shine on your furniture. Don’t keep your furniture in direct sunlight as it will fade its color and the temperature of sun will cook your fine finishes which will cause cracks in the furniture. Do not place your furniture near heating units or vents because dry heat causes wood to dry and shrink, leaving cracks on your furniture. If there are some cracks or the color is removed or faded use the appropriate color shoe polish on scratches and

chips, especially to make them less visible on your furniture. Use carefully matching color felt tip marker first will hide better. If your furniture is metal hardware take it off the furniture first. Remember first which piece of metal goes back where. For that metal use a quality metal polish to get it shining again. After completing metal work,  put it back on, while being careful for not to scratch on wood surfaces. I will recommend you to do this work in two or three days according to your furniture instead of getting tired and frustrating with load of work. We can’t feed furniture as once wood and it cant be nourished or enriched with oils and polishes. Use drapes, sheers or protective window films to guard against the sun rays. Once we have completed protective finish over it for beauty and protection, the wood is sealed. Especially on eating tables there are hazy rings or spots on tables of coffee, tea eating thing which we can’t remove with cotton clothes. We can say sweating beverage glasses leaves rings around the table Here is the best idea use non gel toothpaste mix it cooking oil or with baking soda. You can rub it in a small spot with your fingers or you can use cotton/ soft cloth on larger areas.

Always remember when you are going to buy new furniture you have to check inside undersides of furniture drawers etc you are buying. Many times it tells you more about quality than looking show side. “Secondary” woods can speak the volume about of age of an item and the quality of construction. When you are re-finishing you’re older or an antique piece of furniture to its original glory might seem as a good idea but before doing anything ask all about it from someone who is knowledgeable about the item you are considering. You may find that your furniture is valuable and just needs proper cleaning. Dust often your furniture because dusting often keeps an oily build up from forming on furniture. Dust and dirt act like sandpaper on furniture fabric, so remove it frequently.

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