How can we take care of glass furniture?

Furniture made with glass or glass accents can add so much beauty to a home if kept clean and care for. Here are some care and cleaning tips for glass tabletops and furniture pieces to help keep them looking their best. When cleansing your glass table, choose a good quality glass cleaner that will not leave unsightly streaks. Use a lint free cloth, or better yet some crumpled newspaper or tissues, to wipe down a glass, do not use too much liquid cleaner. If the glass furniture is framed by wood or any other non-glass material, do your best to keep the glass cleaner on the glass include Windex and the powdered version of Bar Keepers Friend Cleaner.

Another great and chemical free option would be to use a polishing microfiber cloth designed specifically for cleaning glass surfaces with a water spray bottle. Faux and Natural Mosaic Stone tops should be cleaned routinely with mild liquid dish soap, water and a soft cloth. Follow with a clean water rinse and thoroughly dry with another soft cloth. Natural Mosaic Stone tables may be generally left outside in summer months and year round in mild climates. However, they can be adversely affected by extreme hot or cold temperatures and should be protected from these elements.  Never expose the tops to freezing conditions or excessive moisture. The natural top is sealed for added protection. To maintain the beauty of your table top, spills should be wiped off quickly to avoid any possible staining.

Let’s talk about outdoor glass furniture. A glass surface such as patio table or outdoor end table typically attracts more dirt than an indoor glass furniture, which soon render that once – pristine glass surface to table in need of cleaning. Wipe it first with a dry, soft cloth to pick up loose dirt, then spray it with your favorite glass cleaner, wiping again with a soft cloth. Skip those cleanser or harsh scrub pads that may scratch the glass. The underside of an outdoor glass table top also needs a thorough cleaning from time to time, although potentially less often. If stashing the furniture away during the winter, cover the furniture with a canvas drop cloth or old blanket to prevent both dirt and damage.

If crumbs or liquid gets stuck in between the glass, simply spray WD-49 or similar lubricant into the crack and let it sit for a few moments. Start wiggling the glass table top back and forth to loosen it. Keep adding lubricant as your glass coffee table needs it. You’ll able to lift the glass top free. Take a damp rag and wipe off the leftover beverage, crumbs and the lubricant and replace the glass. Glass table tops are elegant to addition to any room. They create the illusion of space due to the clear glass top. Once you use glass table tops for end tables, coffee tables, dining table or conference tables they add an aesthetic value to the room. They go well with any kind of furniture be it contemporary or traditional furniture. They also blend in well with all décor themes making it a great choice to have in your home and office.

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