Maintaining imported furniture these days:-

To clean the finishing on your furniture just use warm water and mild dish soap. Clean furniture with normal water and dish soap. If we clean furniture with warm water it won’t hurt furniture, just be careful not to soak it. Use an old tooth-brush for hard-to-get areas. Wipe the dirt off the surface with soft cloths or paper towels until they come up fairly clean. Then dry off any remaining dampness with a soft cloth.

After a good cleaning, the best way to protect the finish is to use a good quality soft paste wax. Apply a thin coat as directed on the label. Then wait for five minutes and buff brush again with a bit more vigor. You’ll see a beautiful shine return to the finish that will last for many months.

Keep your furniture of the sun. The temperature of the summer sun coming through a window can go above 140 degrees. It will cook furniture’s fine finishing, fading and destroying them over time, and dry out and shrink the wood, which creates cracks.

Never place your  wooden or metallic furniture near heating units or vents. Dry heat will cause the wood to dry and shrink, leaving cracks. Use humidifier in the drier moths to bring moisture in air. For a quick-fix touch up, use the appropriate colour shoe polish on scratches on shoe polish on scratches and chips, especially to make them visible on the feet of the furniture. When you polish your metal furniture firstly, take it off from the furniture. Don’t try to do this all one time. It can be a lot of work, so take a few days, doing a few pieces at a time, instead of getting tired and frustrated with trying to do too much.

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