Here are different ways by which we can decorate our Mantel Shelf.

In a living room, having a fireplace without mantel is just like owning sofa without pillows. The best advice is to owning sofa with pillows, as it will look better with throw pillows or we say cushions. If you think that you lack the carpentry skills for installing a fireplace mental, you will be pleased to hear that you don’t need them. There are many ways by which we can install a shelf like mantel on your fireplace and even more ways to style them and you can check from furniture stores. You can also put edge mantel shelf as it would be easiest thing to install and give you a reason to splurge on that live edge wood piece that you have been eyeing.

You can also create fireplace according to your needs and by your own creativity. A classic look will match with any style with your living room could possibly have.  If your fireplace is inside the wall, you can’t believe that the scenario leaves you out of the mantel shelf game. You can also build from pretty molding pieces and it will complete the fireplace scenario. When we decide to make mantel shelf, we have to know that it always requires shelf and the brackets as they show little wear and tear to bring some life into your fireplace mantel shelf. You can also make the big mantel shelf makeover. With simple stains of your favorite color you can paint a whole vibe from close exclusive furniture. Go dark or go light, either way go the opposite of what you have a new look or your living room. Are you looking for a big mantel change? You can’t go wrong with black. If you have stove instead of fireplace it doesn’t mean that you should not have mantel too. Place in the corner behind the stove and you’ll find having that shelf helps you fill an otherwise awkward place space.


Saffrino Furniture Makes your real home

Argos Sofa

Most excitingly, the opportunity of moving into your own house is often a exciting experience. You may be moving because you have just got married and moving in with your loving spouse. Whatever the situation is, many people are excited to finally have a house to call it their own home. While moving, there are some operating expenses that need to be considered always like rent, insurance and utility are some of the expenses you will come across while moving into your own new house. On top of these, you need to have furniture to fill up your space. Couches, chairs, a bed, also a dining table are some most basic items you will need to have. If you need a more homey space, you will require lamps, end tables, wall hangings and mirror. More quickly, these additional expenses will add up. Probably the best option for you would be to look into our “Saffrino firm”.

If you only require the basics, like a couch, bed, chair, wardrobe and wall units then, here it is suitable for you. If you’re searching for the best furniture and various further items, it is the best destination for you. It may be possible that the choice to select a couple of items you are need to furnish your house.

Furniture that you will keep in your attractive new house, here you are provided with the furniture you need. Saffrino furniture is always the best option. With options and packages available, you can choose the items required for all your furniture needs smart and simple in affordable prices.

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Meet the highest standard with beautiful furniture

sofaFurniture is the image of your style that best goes with your house interior and considered as the most relaxation place whether it is living room, bedroom or dining room. A wide design and styles are carved out through meticulous craftsmanship comprises of different heights and cut-outs could include greek architecture available in market to choose from for your office or home. Good quality furniture is of superior finishing made up of great fabrics. Furniture comes in varied silhouettes as well as generous shapes.

For office interior, chairs are elegant designed such to feel lightness with superb comfort goes with natural light. Further furniture items are geometrically characterized with clear signs with soft beautifully shape perfect balance of contrast colors and polished materials some with alternating light and dark colors. These pieces of furniture are versatile in structures of rectangular, round, hexagonal and some looks different from each viewpoint for instance we can see in tables. For cabins and children study tables, desk is composed of drawers to put things into it accompanied with wooden stool feature comfortable back. Therefore, all these elements are made with required configurations and proper proportions using innovative technology.

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